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The Rules of the Mind – Rule Number Three


Your thoughts can affect all the functions of your body. Worry thoughts trigger changes in the stomach that can in time lead to ulcers. Anger thoughts stimulate your adrenal glands and the increased adrenaline in the blood stream causes many body changes. Anxiety and fear thoughts affect your pulse rate.

Ideas that have a strong emotional content almost always reach the subconscious mind, because it is the feeling mind. Once accepted, these ideas continue to produce the same body reaction over and over again. In order to eliminate or change chronic negative bodily reactions we must reach the subconscious mind and change the ideas responsible for the reaction. This is easily done with self-hypnosis and autosuggestion.

The body, mind and spirit are all parts of a single entity. If there is a change at any one of these levels of existence, it must affect the others. Your thoughts control and maintain all of the functions of your body. Once an idea is allowed into the subconscious mind, it will continue to produce the same reaction, over and over, until the idea is changed. Negative thoughts produce negative reactions; positive thoughts produce positive reactions.

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