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The Rules of the Mind – Rule Number Two


You’ve probably heard this idea at one time or another. You’ve probably nodded your head in agreement understanding that thoughts are in fact, things. You probably believe this and accept that your thoughts, being things, do in fact have power.

Have you really thought about this? Do you apply this to your day-to-day life? Hopefully you do, because you’re every thought and word is contributing to your life experience.

For openers, your thoughts produce your emotions which, in turn, result in how you feel about a particular event occurring in your life. It has always amazed me how people can walk around feeling a particular way and not understand that it is their own thoughts, or more accurately what they are telling themselves that is producing the feeling in the first place. This is why two people can look at the exact same event and have opposite feelings about it. You are creating your own reality, moment by moment, with the thoughts you choose to think and what you say, both to yourself and others.


The Rules of the Mind – Rule Number One

The mind operates under some very specific rules. Hypnotists know and understand these mental rules, which make them extremely skilled at transformational results. Understanding and implementing these rules of the mind will make your life much more productive and enjoyable. It is extremely important that you understand how the mind works if you are to become successful. Anyone can tap into the powers of their mind, unfortunately, not everyone does, because they fail at realizing that the awesome curative powers of their own mind.


We know that the only things we have control of in our lives are our thoughts. Everything begins with a thought. Thoughts have a powerful physiological and psychological impact on our actions. Thoughts carry neurological weight. Pessimistic thoughts create passivity and procrastination. Positive thoughts create action, progress, and productivity.

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