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New Year Resolutions Anyone Can Keep

Too often individuals on the path to self-improvement begin the New Year with high-resolve and even higher standards that for the most part, are near impossible to keep.

With human nature, when we set the bar high for ourselves- and end up failing, what we’re doing is actually keeping the cycle of negative reinforcement in action. Negative reinforcement is a sure fire way to avoid reaching goals, but it’s a nasty habit many, many of us find ourselves holding onto and “unable” to release.

The way for all to ANY positive, lasting change is to set reasonable standards that are flexible, and what we need to be flexible is a series of small manageable steps.

Here’s the key to lasting positive change: When we start out small, whatever changes we want to make have a much better chance of being integrated slowly and permanently into our lifestyles.

The barrier that keeps us from making changes in a “good” way is the fact that we often think the little steps aren’t “enough”. So…we go for the gusto…and fail. Hey – Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

Practice and Share these no-fail resolutions ANYONE can keep and get moving on the good path:

· LOVE yourself more this year than last year;

· FORGIVE yourself for any areas you’ve been “stuck” in the past;

· Be healthier by focusing on better balance instead of frequent fad DIETS;

· Be more ACTIVE by doing fun things out-of-doors and bond with nature;

· Re-member or discover something you love to DO;

· Create daily affirmations and USE them to reshape your mindset;

· Work to TRANSFORM one area of life each month;

· Instead of seeing what’s “wrong” with your life, focus on what’s RIGHT;

· VOLUNTEER your time to good causes;

· SAVE as little as $5 per week and reserve it only for something fun;

· Make it a point to GET TOGETHER with friends or family one night a month;

· Clear the CLUTTER and go one space at a time;

· Take each DAY as it comes;

· LAUGH more, LOVE more, and make it a point to complain LESS.

The more realistic we make goals, the easier it is to obtain success, which IS the positive reinforcement that enables us to achieve. Try something new this year with yourself.

1. Make a list of 5 things you’d like to improve this year in order of importance.

2. Once you have your list, break each individual thing down into the smallest possible steps, chunk it down, and get started.

3. Enjoy your success!

Remember – action follows thought so be sure to keep your thoughts positive for an unimaginably great outcome in any area!

Maximum Power,

Dr. Dave Hill, DCH

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
-Walt Disney


Hypnotherapy Can Help You Win

You choke in big games or when important issues are on the line in your life. Can hypnotherapy help you win?

Look into my eyes now, and believe me when I tell you that hypnotherapy can help you come through when the game is on the line; so long as you are receptive to being hypnotized.

Studies by Stanford University, Ball State University, and Washington State University confirm that hypnotherapy promotes clutch performance. To hypnotize an athlete, the hypnotist has them concentrate deeply on certain concepts and ideas to induce a very relaxed state (similar to daydreaming), then repeats suggestions, such as, “stay positive” that embed in your subconscious mind. Hypnotherapists, however, cannot bend your mind to make you better at your sport. What the hypnotist can do is “reprogram” your behavior to suppress the negative thoughts that inhibit your ability to win. This reprogramming can also be used to help you in your personal life as well as your career to eliminate negative thoughts and self-sabotaging stress.

I have recorded a new self- hypnosis CD – “Sleep Deeply Now! End Insomnia.” It is available by clicking on the link “Self-Hypnosis CD’s.”

Upcoming classes will be announced in the January or February Newsletter.

I wish you and yours are very Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.

Maximum Power,

Dr. Dave Hill, DCH

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
-Walt Disney

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