By: Dr. Norma Lent Auerbach (2009)

James J. (alias) came to see me to find out the source of his unexplainable rage. He has been in therapy for many years trying to ascertain if his anger might be due to depression, anxiety, or some other psychological factors. He even consulted an astrologer to see if there might be some clues in his natal chart but this also didn’t yield any answers. The astrologer suggested that he try past life regression as another venue for answers to his fury.

When James came for his first visit he indicated his skepticism about past life regression. Before I could start working with him I had to explain what it was and how it might help him in his quest for transformation and rejuvenation. Perhaps the explanations I gave James will also resonate with your clients.

It is important to understand at the start that we are all made up of energy using the garment of a physical body to learn and to grow. In the reincarnation process, our true essence works with three predominant principles in that growth and education.

The first is simply the principle of evolution. Our essence is born under conditions which will provide opportunities for the development of the qualities and characteristics you are most in need of as well as opportunities for increasing and progressive change. The framework for this change and growth is set through heredity, the time and conditions of birth (astrological and terrestrial) and environmental factors that can influence you and assist you in achieving the necessary growth. These environmental factors include such things as race, religion, sex, family, friends, acquaintances, and other associations and possible experiences likely to be encountered.

The second principle is free will. We all have the freedom to make choices, take actions, and make decisions or not. We are not bound to fulfill what we have come to fulfill. It is true that once we have taken physical form, some factors cannot be changed. We cannot change our race, hereditary traits, some congenital problems, and so on. For this reason an old axiom is often given the conjunction with the principle of free will: “What can’t be cured, must be endured.” There are some aspects that free will cannot even override. On the other hand, we have great latitude in the choices and courses of action we take within the framework of our life environs.

The third principle is karma yet it is the one most important and often misunderstood aspect of reincarnation. Within this principle operates what is sometimes called the Law of Compensation or the Law of Equilibrium. How you have used your free will in the past helps determine the life outline of conditions, situations, opportunities and environment that will provide the most beneficial learning and growth. You can predestine aspects of your fate by your actions, whether those actions be thoughts, feelings words or deeds.

This principle of karma has been expressed in various ways. In the Christian tradition, we see it as, “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” In physics it is the principle that every action has an equal but opposite reaction. What you put out, you get back. “What goes around comes around.” For every cause there is an effect; for every effect there is a cause.

Karma is a Sanskrit word which means “to do or to make.” It is energy in action. Everything we do or make provides an opportunity for growth. Hence, karma isn’t simply a process of debts and balances. We may even choose incarnations that can be more trying and testing to help us learn specific lessons needed on a soul level. When we make right decisions and actions, positive and rewarding opportunities open their doors. They are not necessarily handed to us on a silver platter, but the doors are opened. If we make wrong choices or actions, these in turn create their own consequences.

To understand the impact of choice requires us to comprehend that we are responsible for our choices. We are not victims but rather active participants in the drama of life and we need to recognize that our choices bring about certain consequences. We may hope they come out a certain way, but if we are truly responsible, we must be willing to take the consequences….good, bad, or indifferent….knowing we will learn from them.

It is not unusual for many to blame everything that goes wrong on “bad karma.” Usually these individuals are confusing bad karma with bad judgment. Not everything is a result of past actions. Yes, there may be a certain outline of life environs and circumstances that is the result of the past, but within that outline we are developing new abilities and creativity. We are encountering new growth opportunities. Many lessons simply revolve around recognizing our opportunities and making the correct choices.

Karma is not an “eye for an eye” process. Karma is learning, and anything you do provides opportunity for learning, whether it is something from the past or something entirely new. There is compensation that plays within this principle of karma, but it is not revengeful. If you did something wrong in a past life, it does not mean that you must have something done to you in the present. An exaggerated example is in the case of murder. If you murdered someone in the past, it does not mean that you have to come back and be murdered. In this example, the individual who committed the murder may come back into a life situation in which she or he must learn to handle the anger and violence in another way.

We each learn our lessons differently because we are each at our own level of growth. The consequences will vary from individual to individual and within one lesson there can be many variations and many life situations to provide the most beneficial opportunity for learning.
The soul does not have to suffer to progress. Suffering is only good for the soul if it teaches us not to suffer again. The exercise of free will in conjunction with karma does not have to be painful to have effects. Progress occurs when you move in harmony with the natural laws of the universe. If you have been out of harmony and work to bring yourself back in, the change can bring stress, turmoil, and disruption, but only of the old inharmonious patterns. As they are removed, the new, instigated harmony prevails and the opportunity for success and reward increase.
As we understand the process of reincarnation more, we can see how it can give unlock our full potential and enable us to move forward in our current life in a more healthy, happy, and resourceful way.

For James, after many years of therapy and looking for answers, one past life session that took him back to when his anger first started was all that he needed. He discovered that he had died too early in a near past life during World War II and reincarnated before having time to process what happened, bringing the rage of battle into his current incarnation. The knowledge that he gained from the session enabled him to unlock the demons in his past and move forward to a better and more resourceful state. For him, the use of past life regression as a therapeutic tool provided an incredible journey of forgiveness and love, thankfulness, renewal, transformation and rejuvenation.

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Maximum Power,

Dr. Dave Hill, DCH

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” -Walt Disney


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